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Top Auto Dialer & Reporting on Mobile.

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For sales rock stars who want to make a difference

Close more deals instead of chasing dead leads. Our software will help you do just that. It is built by sales professionals for sales leaders.

CallOnTheGo is a sales communication platform that eliminates manual data entry and helps sales teams close more deals. We are like Sales Force but with a ton more heart & passion. We’ll take care of everything so you can focus on the most important thing - making sales.

This is our main man - Mark Michuda!

Data entry is yesterday - You need freedom

You don’t like spending endless hours typing useless information into a system. Yeah, we get it. That is why we developed a software to auto-log everything from your calls to notes on-the-go. No more headaches. Only sales.

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Features like no other

Auto-Speed-Dial CALLS

All calls are logged automatically (no manual data entry!). Lead activity info pops up as soon as the phone rings so the data you need is always right there.

Mobile Apps

Android & Apple.  We've got you covered.  Now on-the-go just bootup your app and start making sales calls.  FAST!


 Email sales reports to team members and managers.  Gamify and have competitions with your sales team.  Or as an individual just get emails on predictive analytics.


Want to send a follow up email to all prospects with whom you've had a phone conversation that lasted longer than 3 minutes within the last 30 days? CallOnTheGo's search and filter capabilities make it easy to create highly customized lead lists optimized for your workflow.


Need a quick overview about your individual or your teams sales performance? Want to drill down into any specific aspect? It's all possible with a few simple mouse-clicks.


CallOnTheGo is a highly extensible system that can seamlessly connect with your existing software tools and systems, without slowing down performance or burdening your system with unnecessary layers of complexity.

Insane customization just for you

People wouldn’t love us like they do had we not customized our software like mad.

You can build customized fields, create your own custom reporting graphs, import leads, create specific campaigns


CallOnTheGo in action

Are you too SaaS-y, like us, and break rules?

If we followed the rules, we’d be giving demos not helping our customers make more sales. If we followed the rules, we’d be taking on more customers and not focusing on the awesome ones we have. If we followed the rules, you probably would get bored of us really quickly.

So what are we doing instead? We are adding the right things at the right time to get you to be a multi-million dollar company.

Do you want to break rules with us?

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There is no such thing as a no sale call. A sale is made on every call you make. Either you sell the client some stock or he sells you a reason he can't. Either way a sale is made, the only question is who is gonna close? You or him? Now be relentless. That's it, I'm done.

Jim Young, Boiler Room

Sales Pro's never hesitate


Do all my users need to be on the same plan?

Nope! You can mix & match plans. For example, you could have one user on Basic and another on Business. Once you signup for a paid plan it's easy to switch the plans of individual users.

Is the web app & mobile app needed?

Yes,  Both the web app & mobile app are married together in order to work in harmony.  So you need to use both to be super effective.  The web app is essentially your management and reporting system while the mobile app will auto-speed-dial your contacts for you on-the-go.

How do I get my leads and sales data into CallOnTheGo?

We have an easy import tool.  Just export your data from any tool and import into your web account at You can also add leads manually, import any data with our CSV Bulk Import tool, or use our Developer API to automatically pump in new leads.

Can you make actual calls in CallOnTheGo?

Yes. Calling is completely baked into the CallOnTheGo App.  Using your cell phone you can start making/receiving calls within seconds.

How much does calling cost in CallOnTheGo?

The calls use your cell phone minutes or the voip app on your cell phone.  So with unlimited cell phone plans its free.  We dont charge any fees for that.

Does CallOnTheGo have integrations with other services?

Yes! with an open API here you can integrate the tool with any system.


Up your game. Get CallOnTheGo and make more sales.